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APS is a leading lighting and safety product specialist that provides consulting services, training and local product support through a network of authorised dealers.

Optimisation Plans

An APS Lighting Optimisation Plan (LOP) is tailored to meet your requirements on-site. Through the plan our team of experts provide recommendations for fixtures that are designed to work in your environment.

Lighting Optimisation Plan

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Vehicle Safety
Optimisation Plan

When you decide to get a Vehicle Safety Optimisation Plan from APS, you can trust you are investing in the future with heavy equipment and automotive safety products based on your project requirements.

Vehicle Safety Optimisation Plan

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ABL 500 LED850 Gen2 Series 18W Work Lamp

The ABL 500 LED850 Gen2 Series 18W Work Lamp is a new multi-volt LED work lamp equipped with a patented LED-engine holding high performance LEDs.



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