APS Lighting & Safety Products is a specialised and innovative heavy equipment and industrial supplier of Lighting and Vehicle Safety Products. APS has the capability to provide complete site and project optimised lighting and vehicle safety product plans.


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Product Spotlight

Check out the Product Spotlight section in the latest edition of the Waste Management Review magazine. It features the PreView Wireless WorkSight by Preco Electronics

PreView Wireless WorkSight in the latest Waste Management Review magazine


Lighting Optimisation Plans (LOP)

An APS Lighting Optimisation Plan (LOP) is tailored to meet your requirements on-site. Through the plan our team of experts provide recommendations for fixtures that are designed to work in your environment. Learn MoreLOP Services collage


Vehicle Optimisation Plans (VSOP)

When you decide to get a Vehicle Safety Optimisation Plan from APS, you can trust you are investing in the future with heavy equipment and automotive safety products based on your project requirements. Learn More

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USA Procurement & Logistics

APS USA procurement specialists have more than 20 years of experience in procuring electrical and safety products for our clients internationally.
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USA Procurement & Logistics