J.W. Speaker

J.W. Speaker specialises in LED and other emerging lighting technologies and design, manufacture and assemble our products in Germantown, Wisconsin. Developing innovative and high-quality vehicle lighting solutions that are second to none, J.W. Speaker strives to create better performing lights.

J.W. Speaker evaluates lighting concepts to find the best cost-saving and value-added potential, and utilises Pro-Engineering (Pro-E) models for finite element analysis. This model is then checked against equipment designs to ensure accuracy.




LED Work Lamps | Marine Work Lamps | Service Lamps | LED Driving Lights | 4WD Offroad Lamps
Fleet Signal Lighting | Halogen Work Lamps | HID Xenon Work Lamps

Vehicle Safety
LED Strobes | LED Warning | Light Bars


Work Lamps
A623 |  A523 | A7150 | A735 | A700 | A6040

Driving Lamps
A8700 | A8701

Warning Lights
A601 | A405 | A404 | A284


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JW Speaker Catalogue 2014  JW Speaker Off-Road LED Lighting Guide 2015  JW Speaker Commercial Truck Bus 2015



J.W. Speaker Corporation was founded in 1935 by John W. Speaker. Early products included tire repair equipment and kits, radiator fronts, car and truck mirrors, and automotive lighting. In the early 1940’s, J.W. Speaker Corporation developed the Heatab® miniature portable stove and the “P38” GI can opener – both of which were widely used during World War II and for several decades thereafter by the U.S. military.

In 1960, under the leadership of John’s son Jack, the corporation shifted its focus to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicular lighting – initially for lawn & garden and golf & turf tractors. Since then, J.W. Speaker has developed and specialised in manufacturing a wide variety of lighting products for other OEMs in agriculture, construction, on road commercial, material handling, mining, motorcycle, recreation, and aviation markets.

Today J.W. Speaker Corporation is lead by John’s grandsons. The company is focused on developing innovative lighting solutions for customers around the world. J.W. Speaker Corporation continues to not only embrace the latest in lighting technology, but also works closely with manufacturers to develop custom vehicular lighting solutions.