ABL MY LED2700 Work Lamp

ABL MY LED2700 Work Lamp

Brand: ABL Lights
Origin: USA

The famous ABL MY work lamps is well known for its extraordinary strength thanks to its metal housing. Now equipped with the latest and most efficient LED technology and combined with a superior thermal design management, ABL MY LED 2700 is your powerful  and reliable lighting solution for your most demanding vehicles, forest and off road applications.

Forestry Harvester Lighting Setup

ABL MY LED2700 for Forestry Applications

Shown below is a video of a forestry harvester using the ABL MY LED2700 work lamps. This machine is predominantly set up with the MY LED2700 lamps except for 2 x ABL LR LED3000 work lamps for the cab.

Top cab (front): 4 x MY LED2700 + 2 x LR LED3000
Top cab (back): 2 x MY LED2700
Boom: 2 x MY LED2700
Lower cab (engine): 6 x MY LED2700 (2 front, 1 right side, 1 left side, 2 for the back).
Total: 16 lights

ABL MY LED2700 Work Lamp Specifications

Bulb6 LED - 2700 Lumen
eLumens (effective)2700 lm
Colour Temperature6000K
Light PatternFlood
VoltageMulti 12-24V
Intensity1,5 Amp @24V
PolarityProtected against polarity
Water TightnessIP 68 - IP 69K
Operating Temperature-40°C to +60
Salt SprayISO 9227
LensHardened glass
ReflectorFree fom reflector + active lens
Warranty5 years

Specification Sheets

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