Phoenix IS 1000 IR Ruggedized Thermal Imaging Camera System

Phoenix IS 1000 IR Ruggedized Thermal Imaging Camera System

Brand: Phoenix
Origin: USA

The IS1000 is a sealed infrared imaging system “ruggedized” to operate in severe environments characterized by airborne debris, shock, and vibration.  Designed for installation on earth-moving equipment such as mining shovels, haul trucks, and drag lines, the imager converts the heat signatures of objects in it’s field of view to images displayed on an in-cab monitor. By enabling operators to “see” through dust, fog, rain, snow, and smoke, the IS1000 enhances safety and increases productivity.


PHOENIX Products IS1000 Infrared Imaging System
By Phoenix Products



Features and Benefits

  • 320 x 240 VOx uncooled LWIR sensor
  • 19mm focal length 36° HFOV x 27° VFOV
  • Visible range 300m (985’), 3-4 times that of headlights
  • Hermetically sealed against airborne particulate
  • Less than one second to image on start-up
  • Automatic image optimization (AGC)
  • Built-in heater

Phoenix IS 1000 IR Camera System Specifications

Imager and Monitor HousingsMarine-grade aluminum housing with black thermoset powder coat finish and stainless steel hardware.
StabilizationMulti-plane, free-floating diaphragm isolates imager from shock and vibration.
Imager and Monitor MountingSteel mounting bracket with black thermoset powder coat finish on shock mount base.
LenseReplaceable germanium lens.
Imager Operating EnvironmentsRated IP66 dust tight, -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F).
Monitor Operating EnvironmentsRated IP65 dust tight, US Mil spec shock grade, absorbs shock up to 50g.
ScreenDaylight/sunlight viewable LCD flat panel with anti-reflective coating; 15’ (38.1cm) standard, smaller sizes optional.
HarnessShielded harness from camera to monitor 5m (16’).
PowerMulti-volt AC (120-230V, 50/60Hz). Other voltages optional. Imager consumption under 2 watts, monitor under 30 watts.
InstallationSimple plug-to-plug; power-in, video-out.
NoteFor Standard NTSC (30Hz) & PAL (25Hz) Cameras a license is required for each export camera. This export application process can take 3-6mo.