PreView® VideoLink

PreView® VideoLink

Brand: Collision Alert Systems
Origin: USA

Activate Your Blind Spot Safety Tools

  • Reduce Blind Spot Accidents
  • Integrate Active Radar with Passive Cameras
  • Reduced cab clutter

The advanced technology you get with PreView® Radar Sensors can now work in conjunction with in-cab monitors to provide commercial vehicle operators the best of both worlds in blind spot safety.

Introducing PreView VideoLink, designed to turn the passive technology provided by in-cab monitors into an active approach to safety. Simply put, PreView VideoLink incorporates a patented pulsed radar and audio alert for the driver with a video alert that is superimposed into the in-cab monitor picture. The combined system offers drivers an audible and visual tap on the shoulder that something may have appeared in their blind spot while they were looking in a different mirror.

Backing accidents make up over 80% of reported accidents in the commercial industry. Accidents cost companies in vehicle downtime, repair, litigation, and unfortunate injuries to drivers and innocent bystanders.

Reduce your backing accidents by providing drivers with all the tools they need to be safe and efficient.

PreView® VideoLink Specifications

ConnectorDeutsch DTM13 series
SealingEncapsulated to protect from dust and moisture to IP67
Housing MaterialNylon
Dimensions5.24”H x 4.63”W x 1.45”D (13.0cm x 11.8cm x 3.6cm)
Weight1.0 lb. (0.45 kg)
Operating Temperature-40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)
Vibration25G RMS all three axes
Shock25G all three axes
MountingTwo 0.29” (7.4mm) diameter holes on 4.00” centers. Recommended torque is 50 inch-lbs.
Input Voltage9-33VDC, over voltage protected to 150V
Input Current0.2 amp maximum operating, 1A in rush
PolarityNegative ground, Polarity protected to 150V
Power ConnectionAvailable through sensor connector
Composite Video Signal1Vp-p (75 ohm)
Differential Gain0.005
Differential Phase0.5 degrees
Large Signal Bandwidth(0.2dB) 6 MHz
Signal to Noise, 15KHz - 5KHz-60dBRMS
Physical LayerCAN 2.0B, 250 KB/s
Protocol LayerSAE J1939 Extended/PrecoNET
Output+150V tolerant, Active State: switched to ground, over current
protected to 50mA sink maximum. Inactive State: high impedance

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce backing accidents
  • Provide a common point of focus for the operator
  • Reduced cab clutter
  • Easy install with existing camera cabling
  • Supports multiple camera systems

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