Vision X Headlight Upgrade for 2008-17 Polaris RZR

Vision X Headlight Upgrade for 2008-17 Polaris RZR

Brand: Vision X
Origin: USA

LED Twin Headlight System

Features four  Optimus LED lights (10 WATT EA.) and a simple Plug-N-Play harness. These 100% Bolt-On vehicle specific brackets are built to use the factory switches and only 0.83A Draw Each light while putting out a brilliant 4,208 Total Raw Lumens of light.

Optimus LED Lights

The included Optimus LED lights use Iris Reflectors for ultra-distance. These lights use a 6061 Aluminium water proof housing (IP-68 Rated) and Prime Drive heat management technology for more efficient and effective lighting. Finally as a cherry on top, these light have a dimming option so you can personalise them to your needs, day or night.


  • Simple plug-n-play harness
  • Uses factory switch
  • 100% bolt-on vehicle specific brackets
  • Low power draw
  • Only 0.83A draw each
  • 50,000 hr LED lifespan

Lighting Options

4 x 3.7″ Optimus Round 10°
4 x 3.7″ Optimus Round Halo 15°
4 x 3.7″ Optimus Round Chrome 10°
4 x 3.7″ Optimus Round White 10°
4 x 3″ Optimus Round 10°
4 x 3″ Optimus Round Halo 15°
4 x 3″ Optimus Round Chrome 10°
4 x 3″ Optimus Round White 10°
2 x Optimus Round 10° + 2 x Optimus Round 20°

Model Specification Table

ModelYearBracket Part No.
Ranger RZR2008XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
Ranger RZR 1702009XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
Ranger RZR S2009XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR 1702010-2017XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR 42010-2013XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR 4 8002013-2014XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR 4 9002014-2015XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR 4 900 EPS2016-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR 5702012-2017XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR 570 EPS2012-2017XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR 9002015-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR 900 EPS Trail2015-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR 900 XC2015-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR 900 XC Edition2016-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR S2011-2013XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR S 8002013-2014XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR S 9002015-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR S 900 EPS2015-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR XP 10002013-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR XP 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition2015-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR XP 4 10002013-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR XP 4 9002013-2014XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR XP 9002012-2013XIL-OEHL08RZR900OP
RZR XP Turbo2016-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR XP4 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition2016-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR
RZR XP4 Turbo2016-2017XIL-OEHL14RZR

Specification Sheets

Applications: 2008-17 Polaris RZR 900/1000 Off-road vehicles