APS PreView Radar System an Advanced Driver Assisted System (ADAS)

An advanced driver assisted system (ADAS) includes technologies that assist drivers with the safe operation of a vehicle. Through machine – operator interface ADAS increases vehicle and road user safety. ADAS uses automated technologies like radar to detect nearby obstacles, particularly in driver blind spots.

For the past 3 months APS has been working together with the team from Roy Hill and the City of Perth to create a customised and machine integrated solution that significantly improves operator awareness, particularly on the sides and rear blind spots of the council sanitation vehicles and street sweepers.

“Over the past four weeks the system has proved to be a success within Perth’s inner-city environment. The technology gives the driver visual and audible warnings and sensors on the side and rear of the truck to avoid accidents.”

Basil Zempilas, City of Perth Lord Mayor said he was thrilled the City could be a part of the ground-breaking trial and see the technology rolled out to create a safer environment for staff and the wider community.

“Our waste teams work tirelessly to keep our City clean, 22 hours a day, seven days a week. Now thanks to Roy Hill, this technology gives our drivers the assurance that they can get the job done safely and efficiently.”

Gina Rinehart AO, Hancock Prospecting and Roy Hill Executive Chairman, instigated the approach to the City of Perth, recognising an opportunity to leverage Roy Hill’s skills and expertise in vehicle automation to enhance safety outcomes in Perth. RoyHill news update 16/8/2023.

The roll out of the technology will take place over the coming months.

ADAS Radar System for Rubbish Trucks

APS has enjoyed the opportunity to work with Roy Hill, City of Perth and other Australian local councils. All have been passionate about driving towards Vision Zero. A global safety road traffic goal that aims to achieve a roadway system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic and vulnerable road users.

PreView Radar Systems for Rubbish Trucks