APS Vision, Values & Character


APS Vision

To become a leading international wholesale distribution and industrial marketing group specialising in lighting and vehicle safety product solutions for use in rugged operating environments.

To know our products technically better than any of our competitors and to be able to utilize this knowledge to provide real solutions to our market.

To establish a seamless customer and distribution service center that is efficient and customer oriented from inquiry to repeat purchase.


APS Values & Character

Strength in Professional, Ethical & Integrity

  • Being open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity in all our actions at all times.
  • Inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviours to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • We are open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with customers, suppliers, co-workers, shareholders and the communities where we have an impact.
  • We are accountable – individually and in teams – for our behaviours, actions and results.

Strength in Excellence

  • We have a passion for excellence in everything we do, every day. We are committed to operational excellence, superior customer experience, leading in the global markets we serve.
  • We value our customers, putting their needs and interests at the centre of everything we do, exceeding their expectations and striving for continuous improvement in everything we do, including our thinking, our daily work, and every product and service.
  • We support our customers’ success by creating exceptional value through quality product and service solutions.

Strength in Team & Partnerships

  • We work together to meet our common goals and strive for a workplace where opportunity, openness, enthusiasm, diversity, teamwork, accountability and a sense of purpose combine to provide a rewarding professional experience that promotes fairness, dignity and respect for all employees.
  • We recognize that our strength and our competitive advantage are - and always will be - people. We will continually learn, and share ideas and knowledge. We will encourage cooperative efforts, while encouraging individual contribution and responsibility, at every level and across all activities in our company.
  • We work in an inclusive environment that embraces change, new ideas, and respect for our team members, customers, partners and suppliers. All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.
  • We value our people, encourage their development, and recognise and reward their performance and achievements.
  • We view our success as dependent on our customers’ success, both now and in the future.

Strength in Community

  • We respect our social and physical environment around the world and contribute positively to our communities and our environment.
  • We believe in participating responsibly in the global marketplace. We are committed to understanding and respecting the laws, values and cultures wherever we do business, profitability growing in all markets, promoting a health business climate globally, and contributing positively in every community we call home, both personally and organisationally.
  • We are a global company in every sense – geographically, strategically and culturally.
  • We work to improve our communities, taking pride in serving the public interest as well as the interests of our shareholders.