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PreView radars are the industry’s most flexible, accurate, and powerful active blind spot monitoring solution for heavy-duty applications such as mining, construction, waste and utility fleets. With its ability to detect both stationary and moving objects, locate objects in all three dimensions, and detect far-away objects, PreView radars are rapidly becoming the preferred standard for improved vehicle safety, and safety on work sites and roads.

Why APS for Collision Mitigation Radar Solutions?
  • Interactions between heavy mobile equipment and LV’s on mine sites are necessary – but every movement comes with the risk of an accident that could result in damage, injury or even death and the significant costs involved in repair and , loss of production.
  • Negative interactions between heavy machinery are not isolated incidents – 79% of all open cut mining accidents involve large machines, while 69% occur during low speed or reversing operations.
  • APS has over 100+ machine specific safety solutions provided to global mining and civil clients that we are able to share with you eliminating a frustrating purchase trial and error process.