Federal Signal 450E Vibratone Electronic Horn

Why consider this horn for your general alarm requirements? Distinctive tone that is loud and clear, providing 109dBa@1m (99dBa@10′), making it ideal for indoor/outdoor industrial applications including: Read More

ABL LED5000 Series Heavy-duty Work Lamp

With exceptional output and performance, the ABL LED5000 (2500 Series) is sure to please. Trusted by many OE manufacturers, the ABL LED5000 has built a reputation for excellent performance, minimal power draw, and durability. The work lamp has a total of 10 LEDs which produce 5000 effective lumens from just 57W. Read More

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlight

Are you concerned about the lengthy downtime involved with pulling your fleet of buses, trucks, articulated haul-trucks, or agricultural tractors from critical operations just to replace a low cost headlight? Read More

ECCO ED3511 Series

Safety is the number one priority in any worksite, that is the reason why vehicles and heavy machinery are equipped with beacons. These have become a common safety fixture that has helped keep workers safe by warning oncoming traffic, or those in the general area, of potential danger. Read More

ABL LED3000 500 Series – Asymmetrical Flood Lights

ABL’s LED3000 500 Series asymmetrical flood LED Flood Lights are designed to direct more light on those areas previously left in the dark by standard flood patterns, making them ideal for applications where both close range and extra-wide angles are needed. Read More

J.W. Speaker 8770 Locomotive

The most powerful FRA-approved replacement solution for 7″ locomotive headlights has just become even better with the addition of a heated lens which provides added safety and increased visibility in low temperatures. Read More

Littlefuse Smart Glow Fuses

A broken fuse can be the cause of minor electrical problems in vehicles or machinery. Although replacing a fuse takes only seconds, finding the fuse with the broken link can be a time-consuming process. Read More

Deutsch DT Series Service Kits and Refills

Don’t compromise on industry standard quality connectors! The Deutsch DT Series Service Kit consists of environmentally sealed connectors designed for cable-to-cable applications, such as automotive, marine, harsh environments, and heavy equipment. Read More

ABL LED1000 Heavy-duty Work Light

The ABL LED850 Gen2 has acquired a reputation as an efficient and durable fixture. Building on its success, the team at ABL have developed the ABL LED1000. Read More

Vision X Corrosion Resistant 10W Junction Box

Corrosive environments are harsh on lighting fixtures and can cause premature burnouts and failures.  Not having enough illumination on the worksite, due to burnouts and failures is a safety concern. Read More

ABL Compact Range of LED Work Lights

Used and trusted by numerous OE operators, ABL is well known for the quality build and efficient light output of their work lights.  The ABL compact range of work lights did not compromise any of the attributes that you would expect from their work lights. Read More

J.W. Speaker Warning Projector Light

Get a warning light that is sure to grab attention! Working in confined areas such as warehouses can be dangerous. With both machinery and workers sharing spaces keeping safe can be a challenge. Read More

PreView Sentry Collision Mitigation Radar

Mine sites can be dangerous. With heavy equipment constantly in motion, it is difficult for operators to see people, vehicles, or objects. Accidents can and do happen. They are not only tragic, but they can be quite costly. Read More

Golight Stryker LED ST Series

The GoLight Stryker series is one of the more robust and adaptable remote search lights available. This unique fixture gives you the ability to simultaneously pan the light up to 370 degrees and tilt it up to 135 degrees. This feature allows the operator to place the light at the exact spot where it is needed. Read More

Vision X VL-Pitmaster Series (AC)

The Vision X VL-Pitmaster Series AC light is a tough and powerful fixture in a compact housing. Designed to be a replacement for metal halide or HPS fixtures, the VL-Pitmaster can do much more. The different operating voltages available and its ability to withstand vibrations of up to 21.2 Grms makes this fixture extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Read More

ECCO EB7185 Series Beacon

Get a beacon that is sure to grab attention! The ECCO EB7185 series offers a unique square design along with single and dual-colour options. Making it one of the most versatile beacons in the market. With SAE Class I light output and 24 flash patterns to choose from (including simulated rotation), you are sure to find the visual alert that your application calls for. Read More

ECCO Antimicrobial Light

In these unprecedented times, it is imperative to maintain confined and high-touch areas clean to minimise / kill bacteria and viruses. Especially in congested areas such as buses, trains, public services vehicles, and machinery/vehicles with multiple operators. Read More

J.W. Speaker Model 210 Solar LED Flasher LED Lights

Visual warning lights perform the valuable task of alerting people of potential dangers. This a job which helps keep worksites, vehicles, roads, as well as other applications safe. Traditional warning lights need a power source to function. This limits the applications and environment where they can be utilised. Read More

Klixon Circuit Breakers

Do you require OEM replacement thermal breakers with wiring protection that can combat the harshest of environments? The Klixon CDM Series and SDLM Series of circuit breakers can protect your vehicle’s wiring, accessory circuits, equipment, and batteries. Read More

ABL 3800 LED Heavy-Duty Snowplow / Combination Light

Not every driving light is created equally. The ABL 3830 LED Heavy-Duty Snowplow / Combination Light kit has been designed to thrive in extremely cold and/or wet conditions which snowplows, graders, fleet, and utility vehicles constantly encounter. Read More