Vision X Komatsu Tail Light Kit

This bracket has been designed to easily mount to the tail light factory position of Komatsu haul/dump trucks, including: Komatsu 730, 830, 930, 960, and 980 Series. Read More

PreView Plus – Blind Spot Radar/Camera/Monitor System

PreView Plus provides operators with a heavy duty, all-in-one safety system. By integrating a camera and monitor with Preco’s patented Sentry radar sensor, operators have a single solution for active blind spot monitoring. PreView Plus supports up to 4 cameras and 24 sensors for 360° vehicle coverage, and is available in either heavy-duty Deutsch connectors or medium-duty Conxall connectors. Read More

ABL LED5000 Heavy-duty LED Work Light

Why consider this work light for your fleet of heavy vehicles or machinery in mining, construction, agriculture, or anywhere a heavy-duty vibration-resistant lighting fixture is needed? Read More

APS LF46S LED Flood Light

Why consider this energy-saving, low-maintenance LED flood / area light for your industrial, mining, port and marine requirements? Read More