Case Study: ECCO 58″ Covert Low Profile Lightbar

Project Scope

APS was approached by our supply partner the ECCO Safety Group to ask if we had a customer that would be interested in trialling a new lightbar model for the amber market. A Public Works Unit in San Diego showed interest in testing the new ECCO Covert Series 58” lightbar, which features a new compact/low profile design, more brightness and options than the current ECCO 21 Series lightbar. It also included a built-in Traffic Director in-cab console.

Proposed Solution

APS delivered 2 x ECCO Covert 58” lightbars of which 1 was recently installed on a Chevy Colorado along with a video of the lightbar in action. After follow-up discussions with the Public Works Supervisor, they let us know that they were very happy and the new ECCO Covert Series 58” lightbar has greatly exceeded their expectations. They were particularly pleased with having a Traffic Director and more lighting modules than what they were currently using.