Collision Awareness Solution for Komatsu 830E

Problem: Komatsu 830E haul truck had collided with a light vehicle (LV) at Alinta Energy’s Leigh Creek Coal Mine in South Australia. The truck was moving forward from a parked position when it hit the light vehicle from the trucks RH corner. While nobody was injured in the incident, the near-miss highlighted just how easily things can go wrong when you mix large blind spots with inactive warning systems.

Project Scope: APS was tasked to develop a collision awareness solution with an integrated camera and monitor configuration. The system needed to provide obstacle detection on the right hand side of the truck out to a maximum distance of 5m. A second coverage area was needed to assist with reversing, extending 2m past the extremity of the tray along the entire rear of the truck. The front RH corner of the vehicle was the most critical area for coverage.

Solution: APS proposed the install of a multi-sensor, multi-camera radar system to alert operators of objects or machines in there blind spot. APS was involved throughout the entire process; from system configuration and installation; to training of the operators to ensure competency, operation and maintenance of the radar system.

Customised Implementation: The front RH corner was fitted with 3 x Sentry sensors, while the rear of the truck was fitted with 1 x Sentry X sensor due to the narrower radar beam pattern. A 7” monitor was installed in the cab to view the 2 front / RH corner, and single rear camera to provide the operator with visibility of objects within these blind spot areas.

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