Collision Awareness Solution For Service Vehicles

Problem: Negative interactions between service trucks, and personnel while reversing has the potential for significant injury or loss of life. There has been a noticeable increase in reversing incidents between personnel and trucks and / or LV’s in recent years, which is of serious concern and impacts the safety for personnel onsite.

In one particular incident, a water truck was reversing up to a refueling station, and during reversing, the driver was unaware of maintenance being undertaken by a service member on the fuel pump. The driver was only notified that the serviceman was behind the truck when alerted to by a passing service vehicle via the two-way. Fortunately, the truck was able to stop inches from impacting the serviceman, who was shaken but uninjured in the incident. This highlighted the requirement for additional blind spot and collision mitigation systems to assist operators from future incidents.

Solution: APS was approached and tasked with implementing a solution to this issue, proposing an install of a heavy-duty close proximity radar system to alert operators of objects or personnel in their blind spot.

APS proposed the install of the Preview Sentry system, which consisted of an LED display and Sentry sensor, installed to the rear of the machine. This solution provided a detection zone width of 2.3m and a detection length of 6m. The in cab LED display alerts the operator of a person or other obstruction is within the reversing detection zone.

Goal: The goal was to reduce incidents, improve safety within the working environment for the operators of the trucks and surrounding personnel to help prevent further incidents from occurring. The solution implemented has been a success and no further incidents involving personnel have occurred.

APS conducted operator training to all truck operators to ensure all parties understood the systems capabilities. The feedback from everyone involved in the project agreed that the installed solution has created a safer and more productive work environment.

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