Collision Mitigation Solution for Civil Machinery

Problem: Due to a significant increase of civil and construction projects, their has been a notable increase in machine-to-machine (M2M) and machine-to-personnel (M2P) incidents. Some of these incidents have unfortunately resulted in injuries, property damage and more serious fatalities, which has a significant impact on personnel safety, morale, insurance costs and downtime.

Solution: APS was tasked to provide an active alert blind-spot solution to assist machine operators to minimise M2M and M2P incidents.

APS proposed the install of the Preview Sentry system, which consisted of an LED display and Sentry sensor, installed to the rear of the machine. This solution provided a detection zone width of 3m and a detection length of 10m. The in cab LED display provides the operator with an audible and/or visual alert allowing the operator to take the appropriate actions to mitigate incidents.

Goal: The goal was to reduce incidents, improve the work environment for all operators, personnel, and management, and to help mitigate incidents from occurring. The solution has had an immediate improvement on safety involving all stakeholders, and has been successfully rolled out across several projects. The APS Innovations Manager is involved throughout the entire process; from system configuration and installation; to training of the operators and management team to ensure a positive outcome and seamless operation.

The machine operator ‘is always the first line of defence’.

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