Dialight DuroSite™ Series LED wallpack fixture September 2010

Dialight today introduced its new DuroSite Series LED Wallpack Luminaire offering superior energy savings and long-life performance with dramatically less maintenance than conventional solutions for industrial and commercial applications.


With its low profile and compact design, the powder-coated aluminum wallpack luminaire is fully compliant with all standard ratings and certifications that make it highly suited for stairwells, platforms, exits, walkways, building exteriors, tunnels, subways and other confined or hard-to-access spaces. The fixture is IP66, IP67, IK04, UL1598 (for wet locations) and UL1598A (for marine applications) rated, as well as NEMA 4X and RoHS compliant.

Backed by Dialight’s exclusive five year warranty for continuous operation, the DuroSite LED Wallpack also features instant on/off operation, enabling greater operating efficiency and an extended lifespan of more than 10 years, even in the most demanding applications. That means the DuroSite fixture can last up to three times longer than traditional HID fixtures and nearly twice as long as florescent solutions.

Rated for input voltage of 100-277 VAC, the DuroSite LED Wallpack fixture offers high luminous efficacy combined with low power consumption. The fixture is available in both 11-watt and 22-watt versions and is completely free of hazardous materials, including mercury, and creates almost no light spill.

Weighing in at just nine pounds, the DuroSite Wallpack fixture is designed for ceiling or standard 30-degree wall mounting brackets.

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