ECCO EA5200 Multi-frequency Alarm

The sound emitted from a traditional tonal alarm carries a long distance which can be a problem in an urban setting.

The “beep-beep” sound is an effective audible warning at a close distance, but when pedestrians hear the sound from a block or two away, it just becomes noise pollution. The ECCO EA5200 is specifically designed to be used in densely populated areas. To the human ear, the multi-frequency alarm sound appears to dissipate faster than tonal alarms sound, helping reduce noise pollution by confining sound to where it is needed.

The EA5200 produces an effective warning for those in the danger zone of backing vehicles. Built in the traditional form factor of the ECCO 500 series, this backup alarm produces 97dB’s. It is epoxy sealed to protect against dust, moisture, and vibration.  At 12-24V, this alarm can be used on light vehicles, work trucks, and light machinery.

The EA5200 is great for city applications or for those who are looking for an alternative sound to the traditional tonal alarm.

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