J.W. Speaker Model 539 Red / Green Indicator Lights

With the same sleek, low-profile design as warning lights, these indicator lights add another level of precaution for forklifts and material handling equipment in the worksite or warehouse.

  • By lighting up red or green, the lights let the driver know if they need to buckle up or are good to go. Other personnel will also take note if the driver and forklift is in the ready-to-drive state.
  • These indicator lights operate on 12-80V DC and have a durable acrylic frosted lens that resists scratching and scuffing.
  • Strobe warning light colour options include: Amber, Red, Green, Blue, and White.
  • With a choice of either a flange mount (Model 539) or pipe mount (Model 538) for easy-to-mount adaptability.

Click for Model 539: Here
Click for Model 538: Here