Build your own APS Haul Truck

The APS Haul Truck is a great model for you to build with your children. Please allow approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to build.

Build-time Breakdown

  • Cutting pieces: 40 minutes
  • Pre-folding / folding pieces: 40 minutes
  • Gluing pieces: 1 hour and 20 minutes


  • Suitable for ages 8 and up.
  • Parental supervision recommended.
  • Please monitor your children when working with craft tools such as scissors.
  • Use a craft glue such as a quality glue stick for gluing all the tabs, wheels and other components Do not use dangerous glues such as super glue.

Print-friendly Instructions

To print these instructions in a printer friendly format, please click: APS Haul Truck - Print-friendly Instructions (PDF)

Hints & Tips

  • Carefully cut around the edges of all the pieces. Accurate cutting means a more professional finish.
  • Pre-fold all the dotted lines with a ballpoint pen and ruler. First, hold pieces up to the light to see a bend line. Draw a small mark on each end (i.e. opposite side that is not seen). Place piece on cutting board and use a ballpoint pen and ruler to redraw the bend line. This creates a pre-fold making it easier, quicker and a lot more accurate to fold on the bend line.
  • Use your glue stick to glue both contact areas first, wait 20 or so seconds, and then firmly press together. Move or slide piece into position for perfection. After a few minutes, firmly apply pressure for a second time to ensure a strong bond.
  • When attaching wheels, ensure that the four wheels sit perfectly flat on a hard surface such as a table.

APS Product Focus 1)

ABL LED3000-500 Series Heavy-duty Work Lights

The ideal work light for mobile plant and equipment, ABL's LED3000-500 Series offer an exceptional output for such a low wattage fixture, with six LEDs producing 3000 effective lumens from just 36W. Compact and lightweight with class leading EMC and IP ratings, the LED3000-500 is available in 24V DC and multi voltage configurations with wide flood, flood, flood asymmetric and long range beam patterns. Ideal for the harsh operating conditions found in the mining, construction, forestry and agriculture industries, the fixture also comes with the option of a warm white colour temperature that is ideal for foggy and dusty environments. Click for: ABL LED3000-500 Series Heavy-duty Work Lights

APS Colour-coded Labels
Colour coded labels provide an instant visual on-shelf guide to the various beam patterns, providing ease of identification to ensure the correct beam pattern is selected and installed.

APS Colour-coded Labels

APS Product Focus 2)

PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

Reduce Accidents And Downtime
An advanced heavy-duty object detection system, the PreView Sentry from PRECO Electronics offers the most flexible, accurate and powerful solution for blind spot monitoring, identifying the location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously. Featuring a fully adjustable detection zone, the PreView Sentry has the ability to detect objects from the face of the radar up to 30 meters (98 feet), while the width of the detection zone is adjustable (2m to 8m) to fit almost all vehicle types. Designed to operate as a stand-alone system, it can also be integrated with other PreView products including cameras and monitors to act as a 360 degree detection system. Click for: PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System



APS Product Focus 3)

Federal Signal 52 Resonating Horn

Federal Signal 52 Series Resonating Horn

When you've got heavy machinery operating within close proximity, it¹s important to find an audible warning signal that can effectively penetrate the high ambient noise levels. Federal Signal 52 Resonating Horn Federal Signal¹s model 52 resonating horn is ideal for the noisy work environments found in industries such as mining and rail, producing 114 dBa at 10', with a 1000 foot range. Its robust design and die-cast aluminium housing makes it watertight and resistant to corrosion, with the horn able to withstand shock, vibration, dust and harsh conditions.The Federal Signal horn is also cost effective, with its electric activation meaning it does not require an expensive air compressor or modification to operate. Click for: Federal Signal 52 Series Resonating Horn

Federal Signal 52 Resonating Horn

APS Product Focus 4)

VX Vehicle ID Board SeriesVision X 2 & 3 Digit LED VID

Vision X Vehicle ID Board (VID)

Quickly and easily identify your vehicles on site with the convenient range of Vehicle ID (VID) number boards from Vision X. Available in two digit or three digit configurations to suit your need, the Vehicle ID boards are a more versatile option to painted identification numbers as they can be quickly changed as often as you want using a magnetic sensor. Each digit consists of 195 high-output LEDs, which produce crisp, clear numbers that can be distinguished from long distances. The ID boards are available with amber, red or green number displays and are rated IP67 waterproof, making them suitable for all weather conditions. Click for: Vision X Vehicle ID Board (VID)

Vision X 2 & 3 Digit LED VID