ORALITE VC612HT High-tack Fluorescent Green Tape

Suitable for Mining Applications. Keeping worksites safe and accident-free requires solutions that make it easier for operators to spot vehicles and machinery. Reflective tape is one of the easiest solutions for increasing visibility.

Orafol is one of the worlds leading manufactures of reflective materials, which are used for all types of applications where safety and visibility are of vital importance. Orafol’s product line of reflective tape offers a large portfolio of colours and reflective material. They are easy to install and flexible which makes them perfect even in curved applications. They are easy to cut and do not require edge sealing. They can withstand impacts and high-pressure washing without losing their reflectivity.

Largely used on the on-road transport market, the Oralite reflective type is also a perfect solution for mining applications. It can be applied to all types of heavy machinery, drill rigs, dozers, haul trucks, and loaders. It can also be used for making identification decals for maintenance purposes. Keep your mining or construction site safe by increasing the visibility of your machinery and vehicles with Oralite reflective tape.

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