Penetrating High Ambient Noise Levels

When you’ve got heavy machinery operating within close proximity, it’s important to find an audible warning signal that can effectively penetrate the high ambient noise levels.


The eHorn-HV by Federal Signal offers a versatile and durable solution that is suitable for a range of harsh operating environments thanks to its corrosion resistant and weatherproof enclosure.

The electronic horn is capable of producing two high decibel horn tone outputs from the same unit, and can be set to replicate the rich, full tones of Federal Signal’s Model 52 or 55/56 electromechanical horns, making it ideal for use as an emergency warning, start and dismissal, general alarm and evacuation signal.Its potted internal electronics and external heavy-duty mounting bracket allow the unit to withstand high-vibration environments, while also making it suitable for use with off-road vehicles. To learn more: Click Here

Federal Signal eHorn-HV