Preco Safety



Preco has been designing and manufacturing effective and innovative visual and audible warning solutions for more than 40 years, providing customers worldwide with enhanced protection and increased safety.

As a leading manufacturer of back-up alarms and warning lights, Preco draws on years of specialist expertise in the industry to deliver highly effective and reliable products that utilise the latest technology.


Vehicle Safety
Back-up AlarmsCamera Systems | LED Beacons | LED Strobes
Xenon Strobe | Xenon Strobe Minibar


Backup Alarms
Preco Multi Frequency MF100 Series | Preco Multi Frequency MF200 Series | Preco 100 Series Heavy Duty Back-up Alarm | Preco 200 Series Compact Back-up AlarmPreco Multi Frequency Series

LED Beacons Preco 7660 Series LED Rotating Beacon – Class I | Preco 7960 Series Pulse Beacon SAE Class I LED | Preco 7940 Series Pulse Beacon SAE Class II LED | Preco 7620 Series Beacon SAE Class I LED | Preco 7610 Series LED Rotating Beacon

LED Minibars Preco 5400 Series LED Minibar | Preco 5413 Series LED Minibar | Preco 5580 Series SAE Class II LED Minibar

Camera Systems
Preco 7″ LCD Budget Camera System