Adventure Lights Lighthouse Survival Light

Adventure Lights Lighthouse Survival Light

Brand: Adventure Lights
Origin: Canada

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In situations where being seen is a must, the Lighthouse series of lights sets unsurpassed standards in their performance and versatility. The Lighthouse Survival Light is an ultra lightweight, reliable and bright visual identification beacon that has multiple uses over a wide variety of applications. The Lighthouse easily fits on most standard life jacket attachments. The light also comes with a hook and loop pad to fit on soft sided hoop and loop attachments. Also included is a 73cm extended water probe for maximum mounting flexibility.

Adventure Lights Lighthouse Survival Light Features & Benefits  

Light Output:

  • At least .75 candela of white light output
  • Visible for over a mile on a clear dark night
  • Steady On mode provides over 12 hours of light


  • High impact polymer construction
  • Robust LED technology and solid state circuitry
  • Operates in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C
  • Made in Canada


  • Light unit weighs less than 56 grams including attachment pad and probe
  • Light unit size: 1.92” high x 1.55” wide
  • Fully automatic water activated probe with unique probe accidental activation protection and pierce protection for inflatable life jackets.
  • Includes 80cm lanyard for secure attachment to CF life preservers
  • Meets Canadian Department of National Defence requirements for life jackets
  • Adaptable base allows for light to be easily fastened to clothing or equipment shelf life of 10 years