ECCO 6550 / 6570 Series

ECCO 6550 / 6570 Series

Brand: ECCO
Origin: USA

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SAE Class II Strobe
ECCO’s 6500 Series strobe light offers outstanding value when a cost-effective SAE Class II light is required. Featuring a shock-resistant five-point power supply mounting and robust reinforced polypropylene base, this series of lights are suitable for both on- or off-highway applications. Thread-on polycarbonate lens and snap-fit flashtube allow easy field service without tools. Model-specific options include double or quad flash patterns.

ECCO 6550 / 6570 Series Features & Benefits  

  • Robust reinforced polypropylene base
  • Thread-on polycarbonate lens and snap-fit flashtube allows easy field service
  • Shock-resistant circuit board mounting incorporates 5 support points
  • Consistent operation during voltage and temperature changes

ECCO 6550 / 6570 Series Specifications  

Voltage12-48V DC or 12-24V DC
Amps2.4A @ 12-48V DC, 2.4A @ 12-24V DC
FPM80 x2 or 65 x4
Mount3 Bolt/1” Pipe Mount, Vacuum-Magnet Mount or Semi-Permanent HBT Mount
ProfileLow (6550A, 6550A-VM, 6550A-HBT)
Medium (6570A, 6570A-VM, 6570A-HBT)
Temperature Range-22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)
Standards ComplianceSAE Class II, CE, R10
WarrantyStrobe: 2 Years, Flashtube: 6 Months

ECCO 6550 / 6570 Series Specifications Flyer (PDF)  

Width: 6.5" (165 mm), Height: 4.8 (Low), 6.7 (Medium)" (121 (Low), 170 (Medium) mm)