ECCO EW2015 LED Pedestrian Boundary Light

ECCO EW2015 LED Pedestrian Boundary Light

Brand: ECCO
Origin: USA

ECCO’s EW2015 LED Pedestrian Boundary Spotlights are designed specifically for material handling applications to provide a visual warning for pedestrians in the vicinity of mobile equipment. These lights are intended as a supplemental safety device in addition to a 360º warning light and project a bright red line onto the ground to the side of the vehicle. This additional safety feature is especially useful to warn pedestrians to stay clear of the equipment’s turning circle, and is likely to be seen by pedestrians that are not looking up or paying close attention to their surroundings. Featuring 12-80 VDC operation, die-cast alloy housing, and a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens, the EW2015 is extremely resistant to impact and vibration damage.

Features and Benefits

  • Three 3-watt LEDs
  • Red boundary line projection
  • Pedestrian warning for material handling applications
  • Die-cast alloy heatsink housing
  • Polycarbonate lens



ECCO EW2015 LED Pedestrian Boundary Light Specifications

Voltage12-80V DC
Color LEDRed
Standard CompliancesR10
Warranty3 Years

Specification Sheets

Applications: Forklifts, Machinery

Width: 2.6" (67 mm), Height: 2.9" (76 mm), Depth: 2.5" (66 mm)