Vision X Kill Zone LED 24V Utility Red Lights

Vision X Kill Zone LED 24V Utility Red Lights

Brand: Vision X
Origin: USA

“If you are in the red, you are dead”

The Vision X Kill Zone System uses an elliptical pattern and a RED LED to paint a potential “Kill Zone” path around the counter weight of any shovel or can also indicate the swing path of any piece of equipment. This modular system can be scaled to any size or any application.

Vision X Red Spot light can easily adjust the red point up to about 13 meters from the vehicle. Operators of Rope Shovels, Drag Lines and Hydraulic Shovels have their indication systems when vehicles are too close, but sometimes it is too late. The Kill Zone System ensures anyone working around a piece of equipment has a distinct line they know not to cross.

VX Kill Zone LED Utility Red Light Specifications

Fixture4" Square or Roud
Voltage9-32V multi
Beam Pattern30° or 65° Elliptical
Lamp HousingRobust aluminum
Color of light beamRed
Height adjustment90° built-in bracket
LensBorosilicate tempered glass
Power Consumption1.7A @ 12V
Vibration Rating8.6G
IP RatingIP68
LED Lifespan20,000 hours
Warranty3 Years

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