Power Grid™ and Power Dry® Fire Resistant Workwear November 2010

True North has expanded their DragonFur® product offering to include FR base layer clothing.

The new FR clothing line is designed to protect workers exposed to flame and arc flash hazards by combining inherent FR protection with the best characteristics of cutting-edge outdoor apparel.

Individual products within the FR clothing line include Power Grid™ and Power Dry® FR shirts and pants. All of the products incorporate technology that actively moves moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry.

Power Grid™ FR shirts and pants provide maximum warmth to help you cope with the most extreme cold. These garments are constructed of Power Grid™ 4-way stretch fabric that offers enhanced comfort and range of motion. The unique grid construction maximizes warmth, minimizes weight, and improves breathability.

Power Dry® shirts are the most versatile and fastest wicking of the FR clothing line. Power Dry® shirts feature bi-component fabric construction that improves comfort by moving moisture away from the skin to the outer shirt surface, where it dries quickly. Power Dry® shirts come in a variety of colors and include shirts that meet the ANSI 107-2010 and CSA Z96-09 High Visibility Safety Apparel Standards in the United States and Canada.

Power Grid™ and Power Dry® FR clothing provides unrivaled comfort, function, and reliability.

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