Premium interior lighting from ECCO

Introducing ECCO’s new premium interior lighting line. With an added water ingress protection rating and simplified High-Bond Tape installation on many of these new lights, we’ve given you the power and durability to customize your lumens where you need them.

Our new, round dome light features a white housing with an optional PIR motion sensor, while our oval models feature a gray housing with the choice of a built-in switch.

The new IP67 rating allows for mounting in both open and closed-cab environments.

Extrusion strip lighting comes in 2 lengths. These permanent, mounted lights are sleek yet durable solutions to under lit areas such as tool boxes or shelving.

Our courtesy lamps come in either black or white housings and offer focused lighting from a compact footprint – creating an ideal reading or step light.

The new corner lights come in 3 different lengths and provide a seamless, right-angle mount, perfect for any dark corner.

Our LED modules offer the most tailored lighting solution around. Select between one to four lights per module to vary brightness, with the added benefit of a customizable length.

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