Lighting Optimisation Plan

“The issue is not whether LED or solid state lighting works – it’s to identify and ensure that it satisfies the users application and lighting needs.”


An APS Lighting Optimisation Plan (LOP) is tailored to meet your requirements on-site. Through the plan, our team of specialists provide recommendations for fixtures designed to work in your environment, whilst considering ways to:

  • increase your productivity
  • reduce your cost of ownership (e.g. annual energy (and kWh) savings, relamp and maintenance savings, etc)
  • simplify the product selection

Our LOP aims to eliminate the risks and concerns you may have about how the various lighting fixtures will perform. In addition, you eliminate the need for carrying out a hit and miss product trial.

We have global solutions that are tested across APS locations worldwide and a team that cares about your operators and meeting your objectives.

The consultation is simple and straightforward, and will give you the level of lighting and the type of fixture you require on-site. Let our team give you over 20 years of experience, direct access to highly credible international manufacturers and short response times.

The LOP Stages

On-site Meeting

LOP onsite meetingOur team will work in partnership with you to:

  • collate vehicle/facility plans
  • mark-up the plans with existing lighting fixtures
  • establish required lighting standards
  • document lighting readings

The timeframe for this stage is dependant on the size of the project. In some cases, our team may already have an extensive library of lighting layouts available for easy reference, discussion and modification.

LOP Development

Dependant on the scope of works, this stage can take approximately two weeks. Our team will provide you with your tailored LOP, which includes the total cost of ownership, complete lighting layout (location, orientation and tilt of fixtures) and expected lux readings to be achieved on installation.

LOP Presentation

This is presented in the form of a professional document, which can be used to aid any CAPEX approval process. The document also details lighting fixture locations, orientation and tilt. This provides for ease of installation and regular maintenance of the lighting setup.

Project Implementation

This stage is typically rolled-out by you, our client. Our team is always available to assist you with any questions you may have about the installation.

Rebate Approval

LOP implementedIf required, our team has the experience in submitting product documentation and laboratory test reports as required to facilitate applications for energy rebates.

Lighting Maintenance Plan

This involves an initial post installation audit, to ensure that your lighting standards and project objectives are met. Following this APS establishes with you a regular audit schedule to ensure that the lighting standards continue to be met.

We believe that it is important for our team to ensure that the project continues to provide the lighting levels sought after not just at the time, but also during the normal life of a product.


*No charge is generally made for the initial on-site meeting and presentation. APS also allows any LOP fees to be offset against any product purchase made with APS.