Optimised Lighting Solutions: Heavy Equipment / Mobile Fleets

What you can expect from APS:

  • To understand your projects lighting standards, product life expectations and challenges;
  • To use its collective experience to introduce your team to best practice solutions that work;
  • To understand your purchasing and installation systems;
  • Being able to deliver in full and on time and on budget;
  • Ensure that any solution increases availability and reduces unscheduled maintenance;
  • To provide ongoing and seamless support; and
  • To constantly invest in innovative solutions.

Our goal is to narrow that gap that exists between daytime and nighttime productivity. Be it on the mining, construction, marine, agriculture, forestry, utility and emergency fleets and industrial applications.

More light isn’t usually the best solution. Selecting the right fixtures, the right setup (orientation / tilt / mounting position) and ensuring that these solutions are simple and repeatable is key.

This involves so much more than just recommending a fixture. At the stores / maintenance / installation level, it involves re-thinking the labelling system and providing installation guides so that the right fixture is fitted correctly each time.

Mobile Fleets – Off Road:

Dealing with glare, reflection from different road surfaces and materials, fog, dust, rain / snow and mud are a few of the issues APS customers face each day. Understanding the type of operator: person in a cab, 2,500km from site in a remote location (using cameras / sensors) and autonomous vehicles, changes the solution.

Contrast, visibility and depth perception are severely impacted in poor lighting conditions. Haul Truck speeds are reduced; Operator errors increase as early fatigue sets in. With improved lighting you can run your machines more efficiently, produce more tons and reduce damage and maintenance costs; and improve safety.

If you are looking for productivity gains when the sun sets, let APS work with your team to develop a better solution. APS has a growing data base of equipment fit outs and lighting plans that we would like to share.

“APS Lighting has been a tremendous asset to the mine in figuring out the best light / fit for each machine and application… They took the time to create a lighting fit for each machine that included a lighting study which helped eliminate the guess work.”
Jim Valora
Maintenance Execution Superintendent of Rolling Stock
New Mexico Coal, Energy Coal