Optimised Lighting Solutions: Industrial

APS is developing a growing catalog of AC Voltage Industrial Lighting Solutions for customers in:

  • Light Towers
  • Workshops, warehouses and commercial buildings;
  • Ports and Maritime;
  • Draglines and Shovels;


Industrial & Structural Lighting:

Over the past 15 years APS has been working with mine sites, ports and industrial projects on their AC lighting requirements. It has only been over the past 5 years that LED Lighting technology has reached the level of lighting output needed to truly replace HPS, MV and Metal Halide lighting sources.

AC Industrial: Ship Loader Wharf Approach

SCOPE: The 72m long x 3m wide approach to the wharf has only 7 of the 12 Sodium fixtures illuminated, current lighting is not providing sufficient light across the approach, light levels taken were an average of 3.85 LUX at 1.2m and 0.4 LUX at 3m from the fixture.

PROPOSAL: To provide a more eco-friendly lighting solution with reduced maintenance costs for the Wharf approach, by replacing the 12 existing 80 watt Sodium fixtures with 12 x 10 watt LED Junction box fixtures, to be installed in the current mounting position and height.

AIM: To provide sufficient lighting for safe travel across the approach with a minimum lux level of 5 LUX. This was achieved with an average LUX of 6.41 at 3 meters and 60.34 LUX at 1m.

Wall Mount Luminaire

12Vision X LightingJunction Box Light1091.40.8510

Lux Calculations Summary

Between Luminaires @ Grade3.563.
Wharf Approach @ Grade28.07120.22.113.3757.24
1m Average60.34120.22.623.2146.23
2m Average17.4429.63.25.459.25
3m Average6.419.

Please contact your APS team to talk through these applications and your projects standards and unique challenges. The development of lighting plans and layouts can be undertaken at a relatively low cost, providing your team with the surety that the solution will meet or exceed your lighting standards.