Case Study: Lighting Design for Power Plant Cooler Rooms

Voltage: 120-240V AC

Project Scope

APS was tasked to design a lighting plan for power plant cooler rooms to increase lighting uniformity throughout the 3-story structure to assist visual maintenance of filters and electronic panels. The minimum 50 Lux average requirement was not being met with the current fixtures.

The solution also needed to provide an emergency back-up option, so in the unlikely event of a power outage, there would be sufficient light from the emergency backup to safely exit the cooler rooms. A green eyewash light was also required at designated locations for personnel safety.

Proposed Solution

APS recommended replacing all existing MH and HPS fixtures with 20W LED non-emergency fixtures and 22W LED emergency backup fixtures to uniformly increase Lux levels as per the lighting diagrams. APS surpassed the requirements with a minimum Lux level of 54 Lux, and an average Lux level of 84.5 Lux, thus exceeding the customer’s expectations. APS managed to not only increase Lux level output, but also reduce power consumption.