Golight Stryker LED ST Series

The GoLight Stryker series is one of the more robust and adaptable remote search lights available. This unique fixture gives you the ability to simultaneously pan the light up to 370 degrees and tilt it up to 135 degrees. This feature allows the operator to place the light at the exact spot where it is needed.

New improvements have been made to the remote control which give users the ability to easily pair the control without the need of programming dip switches. One remote control can independently control two units and multiple units can be used in close proximity without interference. The unit is available in LED or Halogen versions and both feature and extremely focused 8-degree beam pattern. The LED Stryker ST lamp produces 410,000-candela beam out of 10 high-flux LEDs projecting to a maximum distance of 4,200 feet. The halogen fixture produces 200,000-candela and has a maximum distance of 2,933 feet.

The Stryker ST is a low maintenance fixture which has a housing that is UV-ray, saltwater and  high-impact resistant. The lamps housing is suitable for both land and marine use. Available in black or white and your choice of either permanent or portable magnetic mount. With the GoLight Stryker you have the ability position the light exactly where it is needed.

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