Cole Hersee Co.

Cheap copy components can cause expensive damage to equipment and put lives at risk. Cole Hersee products are renowned for quality and reliability that will protect you, your workers, and your valuable vehicles and equipment.

Cole Hersee are a leading manufacturer of electromechanical, electronic and digital switches and connectors, designing dependable products for a broad range of vehicles. Since its founding in 1924, Cole Hersee has been a pioneer and leader in the development of heavy-duty electrical products for the vehicle industry, and has earned a reputation for quality and value.

Cole Hersee collaborated on many basic industry standards and today is a preferred supplier of over 2,000 dependable vehicle products and accessories. Cole Hersee is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Key Products

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Battery Related Products – Accessories

24505 Lockout Lever Kit

Disconnect Switches

Battery Disconnect Switches | 400A Sealed Master Disconnect Switch

Double Pole Switches

75907 Double Pole Switches Series

Rocker Switches

Incandescent Pilot Light Rocker Switches

Solenoids & Relays

Continuous Duty Solenoids SPST Series | FlexMod Voltage Sensing Relay and Timer Series | 24008 Intermittent Duty SPST Solenoid