Vignal FRESNEL LED Beacon

Vignal FRESNEL LED Beacon

Brand: Vignal Lighting Group
Origin: France

The FRESNEL range of LED beacons by Vignal Lighting Group offers a quality beacon that can be used in extreme operating conditions that is both cost-effective with flexible options. These amber coloured beacons all have R10 certification and features a double flash LED light patterns at 15 FPM.  The fixture draws a low 3,5W from 24V DC for the D14449 and D14450 model, whilst the Off-road D14746 model with its flexible 10-110V multi-volt range, draws only 1.5W at 12V DC, 3.6W at 24V DC, and 12W at 80V DC.

Built with a tough polycarbonate lens and compound thermoplastic housing (D14449 and D14450 models), and paired with flexible mounting options including: magnetic with cigarette lighter option (D14450 model), 3 screws option (D14449 model and Off-road D14746 model), the FRESNEL range of LED beacons offer unparalleled flexibility for material handling and construction machinery.

VIGNAL Fresnel LED Beacon D14746 Off-road ModelFRESNEL LED OFF ROAD BEACON
The FRESNEL LED OFF ROAD (D14746 model) has been developed for the specific needs of off road applications such as handling machines, tractors, loaders, excavators.

Special attention has been paid to the thermal management of LEDs to ensure optimum service life and operation in the most extreme situations. The lens is glued for a better seal (IP69K).


VIGNAL Fresnel LED Beacon D14449

ABL 1100 LED1200 Compact Specifications

Consumption3.5W @ 24V DC (D14449, D14450 models)
1.5W @ 12V DC, 3.6W @ 24V, 12W @ 80V DC (D14746 Offroad model)
Voltage10-30V DC multivolt (D14449, D14450 models),
10-110V DC multivolt (D14746 Offroad model)
Flash per Minute15
Flash PatternsDouble Flash
Operating Temperature-30°C to +50°C
Vibration ResistanceISO16750-3 (D14746 Offroad model only)
Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
Housing MaterialCompound thermoplastic (D14449, D14450 models)
ConnectorNaked cable extremity (200mm cable length),
Wiring harness (D14746 Offroad model)
Mounting3 screws (D14449, D14746 Offroad model),
Magnetic with cigarette lighter (D14450),
IP RatingIP6K9K (ISO 20653) for D14746 Offroad model only
PolarityProtected against reverse voltage for D14746 Offroad model only
LensHardened glass, plastic cover lens, plastic lens
Weight0.97kg (D14449),
0.75kg (D14450),
0.26kg (D14746 Offroad model)
DimensionsDiameter: 124mm, Height: 115mm (D14449)
Diameter: 124mm, Height: 131mm (D14450)
Diameter: 148mm, Height: 119mm (D14746 Offroad model)
Lifetime> 20 000 hours for D14746 Offroad model only

Specification Sheet

Vignal FRESNEL LED Beacon Specification Sheet

Applications: Utility Vehicles, Handling Machines, Tractors, Front-end Loaders, Excavators