Side Collision Avoidance Solution for Waste Trucks

Problem: Waste and heavy on-road vehicles have considerable blind spots even with enlarged mirrors. Due to these large blind spots there have been many major incidents involving VRUs (vulnerable road users) particularly cyclists, pedestrians and e-scooters. Some of these incidents have unfortunately resulted in injuries, property damage and more seriously fatalities, which has a significant impact on personnel safety, morale, insurance costs and downtime.

Solution: APS was approached and tasked with providing a solution to minimise these incidents and create safer roads. APS proposed the install of the PreView Side Defender II, the industry’s most advanced side collision avoidance solution for both left and right sides of their fleet of waste vehicles.

ADAS Radar System for Rubbish Trucks

The PreView Side Defender II system actively warns waste truck operators with audible and visual alerts, in order for them to take the appropriate actions to mitigate collisions. APS Innovations manager is involved throughout the entire process; from system configuration and installation; to training of the operators and management team to ensure a positive outcome and seamless operation.

Goal: The goal is to mitigate negative interactions and incidents’ with vulnerable road users, and increase safety across the waste fleet by providing the operators with active alerts to assist them make the best decisions based on the environment and road conditions.

PreView Radar Systems for Rubbish Trucks

This solution has been successfully tried and tested across major waste fleets in many countries.
APS conducts a training package to all waste truck operators to ensure all parties understands the systems capabilities.

Feedback from these projects agree “the system has created a safer and more productive work environment and has minimised negative road incidents’ since installation.”

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