Vision X Corrosion Resistant 10W Junction Box

Corrosive environments are harsh on lighting, causing premature burnouts and failures. Not having enough illumination on the worksite, due to burnouts and failures is a safety concern. Why consider the Vision X Corrosion Resistant 10W Junction Box?

  • Optics direct a lot more light onto areas previously left in the dark by standard flood beam patterns.
  • Increases vertical spread of light, non-symmetrically, to cover the immediate front working area without sacrificing light output further in front of the vehicle or machine.
  • Enhances visibility, safety, and comfort for close-range demanding applications or where extra-wide angles are needed.
  • Improved colour temperature for increased visibility, and revised electronics for a higher EMC rating.
  • Standard OEM housing, which makes it a simple plug-and-play replacement for halogen fittings.

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