APS LY400 Eye-wash Station LED Green Light with EMB

Mining and industrial personnel must act fast to prevent serious eye injury following exposure to hazardous or corrosive substances.
Dedicated emergency eye-wash stations are illuminated with green lights to guide personnel to locate for fast on-the-spot decontamination and rinsing of potentially harmful substances.  But if there is a power outage and the AC lights go out, there is a real risk that affected workers will not be able to locate these stations in time.

Our LY400 Eye-wash Station LED Green Light has a built-in emergency backup (EMB) feature that provides a minimum of 90 minutes of lighting in the case of power failure.

Built durable, lightweight, and compact, the LY400 features a forged aluminium alloy housing and a tempered glass lens to counter the effects of ageing or discolouration, it’s shock-resistant, waterproof rated at IP65, and features a wide 140-degree optical lens for even light distribution over the entire eye-wash station.

The LY400 eye-wash station light is CE-certified and RCM compliant, and available in pole and bulkhead mount configurations.

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