ECCO 12+ Pro Vantage Series LED Lightbar

ECCO’s best-selling lightbar just got better.  Introducing the 12+ Pro! Keeping all the great benefits that you currently enjoy but adding more functionality to the bar with new features such as the ability to do cuts, which increases safety for the user.

The 12+ Pro also increases the capacity of modules from 20 to 40 (dependent on the length and dual vs. single colour). Giving the customer the ability to fully populate bars.

The 12+ Pro is available in numerous sizes (24″ to 72″), which can accommodate all types of vehicles and duties.  The bar has an aluminium chassis and polycarbonate lens and is SAE Class 1, which means it is bright. The bar is fully configurable down to the base colour, which you can choose between a black or white base as well as the colour configuration for the modules.  It can be permanently mounted, or you can use one of the vehicle-specific mounting straps. This powerful light bar is a great addition to your service and utility truck, tow truck, emergency vehicle, construction vehicle, or most any vehicle that requires a visual signalling device for their safety needs.

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