Innovative combination – high-definition camera with a robust tail light

Drivers of fleets, utilities, buses, and construction vehicles must always be vigilant! – not just to protect themselves or their vehicle, but also to protect people and objects around them.

The Model 272 CHMSL (Center High Mount Stop Light) by J.W. Speaker combines a robust LED brake light with an innovative high-definition camera for safer observation and visibility for your vehicle. Positioned higher than side brake lights and directly in the driver’s line of sight, the Model 272 CHMSL increases driver safety, visibility, while mitigating rear-end collisions.

It’s compact design and high-quality camera with wide-range visibility makes trailering and backing up a breeze. The camera can be connected to reverse lights to display the video on any optional OEM or J.W. Speaker 4.3″ or 5″ screen whenever the vehicle is put in reverse. Tough enough to stand up to shock and vibration, the Model 272 CHMSL meets all safety standards, including DOT/SAE compliance. Perfect for use in transport, bus, and industrial vehicles. Learn more: Click Here