Build Your Own APS Crane Truck

The APS Crane Truck is a great model for you to build with your children. Please allow approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to build.

Build-time Breakdown

  • Cutting pieces: 40 minutes
  • Pre-folding / folding pieces: 40 minutes
  • Gluing pieces: 1 hour and 20 minutes


  • Suitable for ages 8 and up.
  • Parental supervision recommended.
  • Please monitor your children when working with craft tools such as scissors.
  • Use a craft glue such as a quality glue stick for gluing all the tabs and other components. Do not use dangerous glues such as super glue.

Print-friendly Instructions

To print these instructions in a printer friendly format, please click: APS Crane Truck - Print-friendly Instructions (PDF)

Hints & Tips

  • Carefully cut around the edges of all the pieces. Accurate cutting means a more professional finish.
  • Pre-fold all the dotted lines with a ballpoint pen and ruler. First, hold pieces up to the light to see a bend line. Draw a small mark on each end (i.e. opposite side that is not seen). Place piece on cutting board and use a ballpoint pen and ruler to redraw the bend line. This creates a pre-fold making it easier, quicker and a lot more accurate to fold on the bend line.
  • Use your glue stick to glue both contact areas first, wait 20 or so seconds, and then firmly press together. Move or slide piece into position for perfection. After a few minutes, firmly apply pressure for a second time to ensure a strong bond.



APS Product Focus 1)

PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

Reduce Accidents And Downtime
An advanced heavy-duty object detection system, the PreView Sentry from PRECO Electronics offers the most flexible, accurate and powerful solution for blind spot monitoring, identifying the location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously. Featuring a fully adjustable detection zone, the PreView Sentry has the ability to detect objects from the face of the radar up to 30 meters (98 feet), while the width of the detection zone is adjustable (2m to 8m) to fit almost all vehicle types. Designed to operate as a stand-alone system, it can also be integrated with other PreView products including cameras and monitors to act as a 360 degree detection system. Click for: PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

















APS Product Focus 2)

Brigade 360 Camera System

Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems

The Select is an easily configured system offering the safety of a surround view to regular shaped, box body vehicles. The virtual ‘bird’s-eye’ image is presented alongside the view from one of the individual cameras, determined by the manoeuvre being executed. The positioning of the camera image joins can be set for the front and rear pairs independently, and three triggers automatically present tailored views to the driver. Click for: Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems

PreView Sentry 24GHz Radar System

























APS Product Focus 3)

ABL C700 LED1200 Compact

ABL C700 LED1200 Compact

The LED1200 is the 16W version of the C700 series of LED-powered work lamps by ABL Lights Group. This lamp features 8 LED bulbs and pumps out an impressive 1200 Lumens. It features a 60G shock rating, 15Grms @ 24-2000Hz vibration rating, and IP68 and IP69K rating. Through stringent engineering and testing practices, ABL ensures the highest efficiency and durability in even the harshest operating conditions.

The ABL C700 LED1200 Compact is a direct replacement for the ABL 700 halogen work lamp, which uses a single 70W H3 bulb. Click for: ABL C700 LED1200 Compact

Federal Signal 52 Resonating Horn

APS Product Focus 4)

ECCO 7660 LED Beacon Gen. II

ECCO 7660 LED Beacon

The new 7660 Series RotoLED Gen II LED rotating beacon combines all the major benefits of the latest LEDs with the unmistakable warning signal of a rotator, all without compromising reliability. LED hybrid technology uses a brushless magnetic drive system to spin the reflector disk, reducing noise and eliminating the typical motor/gear drawbacks associated with conventional rotators. The 7660 also features eight high-intensity LEDs and a TIR optic to provide SAE Class I light output. Additional benefits include low amp draw, extended service-free life, and a 5-year warranty. Click for: ECCO 7660 LED Beacon

ECCO 7660 LED Beacon Gen. II