Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems

Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems

Brand: Brigade
Origin: Europe

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The new Gen 2 (APS-BN360-200) system features 19 different viewpoints following the addition of Portrait Mode, Front / Rear Focus and Left Hand / Right Hand Lane Change views, while a new remote control enhances the operator’s vision by allowing them to easily and safely change display configurations. The viewable on-screen area has also been increased by 22 per cent.


Why Choose The Select?
The Select is an easily configured system offering the safety of a surround view to regular shaped, box body vehicles. The virtual ‘bird’s-eye’ image is presented alongside the view from one of the individual cameras, determined by the manoeuvre being executed. The positioning of the camera image joins can be set for the front and rear pairs independently, and three triggers automatically present tailored views to the driver.

Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems Features & Benefits  

  • Surround view in a single image
  • Four cameras with ultra wide-angle lenses
  • Real-time 360° view
  • Self-monitoring of images
  • On-site calibration
  • Configurable viewing distance
  • Bespoke vehicle icon
  • E-mark approved
  • CE and FCC Certification
  • Easier and quicker to spot and assess hazards, increasing safety
  • Eliminate blind spots
  • No frozen images, only real-time views on monitor
  • No third party delays or need for specialist workshop
  • Range can be tailored to the work environment
  • Recognisable vehicle on monitor
  • Type approval to ECE Regulation 10 R4
  • Tested and passed

Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems Video  

Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems Specifications  

ModelSE-7104F-100 (4618A)
VBV-7104FM (4474A)
ComponentsAPS-BN360-Select-10: Electronic Control Unit (BN360-ECU-10), 4 x wide-angle IPX7 water-resistant cameras (BN360-100C), 10.4” Select digital LCD monitor (VBV-7104FM), 10m camera cable (BN360-L110), 2 x 15m camera cables (BN360-L115), 20m camera cable (BN360-L120), video out cable (BN360-VBV-L4015).
APS-VBV-7104FM: 12-24V DC, 4 x 4-pin camera inputs, 22W, 2A, 2.83G vibration, 1024 x 768 resolution, PAL / NTSC, LED backlit screen, anti-tamper button, 5 auto-triggers, on-screen distance markers, built-in speaker, sun shield, anti-glare screen.
Warranty2 Years

APS can also supply a multi-image 10.4 inch digital LCD monitor (APS-VBV-7104FM) to suit the Brigade 360° Camera System (APS-BN360-200)

Brigade 360 Select Camera Monitor Systems Specifications Flyer (PDF)