Need a motorcycle headlight that fills the dark void while cornering?

The Adaptive Series of motorcycle headlights by J.W. Speaker gives you ‘ditch-to-ditch’ lighting to eliminate dark corners on sharp turns and a punch of light 457 metres (1,500 feet) down the road to give you a safer and more confident ride.

These innovative headlights use on-board sensors and advanced electronics to calculate bank angles on a real-time basis, automatically directing the light array up or down as the motorcycle leans. This adaptive headlight intelligently ‘tunes’ high beam, low beam, and banking optics in a way that maximises visibility in corners. The new Adaptive 2 offers adaptive technology on the high beam in addition to the low beam.

These smart headlights come in 2 motorcycle headlight bucket sizes including: 5.75″ round (PAR46) for the 8690 A Series 2 and 7″ round (PAR56) for the 8790 A Series 2. Both come in black or chrome bezels in standard or pedestal mounting for easy plug & play installation.