No More Dead Batteries!!

Vehicles and machinery rely on optimally charged batteries, however with the high amount of auxiliary/peripheral devices connected these days, dead batteries become more commonplace – and that means downtime!

The FlexMod Voltage Sensing Relay and Timer by Cole Hersee is an electronic device that preserves starting power; eliminates downtime and jump-starts due to dead batteries. It works by monitoring both battery voltage and ignition status, shutting down non-critical loads when the cutoff voltage is reached, or at the set time after the ignition is turned off. By monitoring both voltage and time simultaneously, you get double the protection for your batteries. This unit is auto-ranging – sensing 12V DC or 24V DC systems, and its 10A rating means it can handle many loads directly or drive a relay or solenoid for higher amperage. Its solid state circuitry, compact robust design and IP67 rating, not only makes it waterproof, dust-proof and vibration-proof, but it can be mounted anywhere on a vehicle – even in places where road-splash is a problem.

The FlexMod has a broad range of factory-programmed presets and can be used as-is, or be programmed to certain parameters to match your specific application.  This device is ideal for vehicles in mining, construction, fleets, waste, and emergency services, it is however an absolute must in vehicles used in remote exploration, to ensure you have adequate voltage to start your vehicle at all times. Learn more: Click Here