ABL 500 LED SL Series Service Light

ABL 500 LED SL Series Service Light

Brand: ABL Lights
Origin: USA

The ABL 500 LED series work lights are designed to exceed everyday demands in all applications. Through this service light version, ABL provides an attractive LED product for close range lighting needs. ABL 500 LED SL offers a very low consumption solution where high reliability and cost efficiency is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Halogen equivalent LED Service Light
  • wide powerful LED beam
  • flat and efficient product

ABL 500 LED SL Series Service Light Specifications

Bulb12 LEDs
Colour Temperature6000K
Light PatternFlood, long range
Voltage12-24V multi
Intensity0.25A @ 24V
PolarityProtected against reverse voltage
Water TightnessIP 68 - IP 69K
Operating Temperature-40°C to +60°C
Salt SprayISO 9227
HousingPlastic / aluminium
LensHardened glass
ReflectorFree form reflector
Warranty5 years

Specification Sheets

Applications: work light, service light