ECCO EW0700 Series – LED Interior Lighting

ECCO EW0700 Series – LED Interior Lighting

Brand: ECCO
Origin: USA

Available in two length options these heavy-duty LED cargo/work area lights feature pivoting mounting feet that allow the angle of light output to be adjusted. Each unit has an integrated on/off switch, aluminium housing and operates on both 12 and 24V systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty switched cargo / work area light
  • Pivot-mounting foot provides adjustable lighting angles
  • Surface mount (hardware included)
  • Aluminum housing
  • Approvals: CE, RoHS
  • Warranty: 3 Years

ECCO EW0700 Specifications

Voltage12-24V DC
Amps0.5A (EW0700-13)
0.9A (EW0701-22)
eLumens350 lm (EW0700-13)
1200 lm (EW0701-22)
rLumens400 lm (EW0700-13)
1250 lm (EW0701-22)
LEDs6 (EW0700-13)
12 (EW0701-22)
Warranty3 Years
ApprovalCE, RoHS
Length13" (EW0700-13)
22" (EW0701-22)

ECCO EW0700 Specification Sheets

Applications: Cargo/Work Area, Heavy-Duty

Width: 1.3" (33 mm), Height: 1.8" (46 mm)

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