PreView Sentry®X Radar System

PreView Sentry®X Radar System

Brand: PreView
Origin: USA

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PreView® Radar Systems from Sensata is an Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) – a rugged and reliable object detection technology that assists with protecting people and property.

PreView Sentry Radars have been a world-leader in close proximity collision mitigation radars for many years now. With on-ground consultation with contractors and mining customers, a limitation of certain applications were identified.

During installation of a large haul truck, it was identified that with PreView Sentry’s patented 150° beam pattern, the inner rear wheels of the truck were within the radar’s detection zone – therefore causing false detections. PreView Xtreme radar remained the only solution for haul trucks due to the narrower beam pattern.

Enter the PreView Sentry®X
Using the Sentry platform, PRECO has created a product with a narrower field of view designed to support all the same applications/solutions as the original PreView Xtreme radar.

The Sentry®X measures radial range, speed and angle, reflectivity, and other parameters of multiple stationary and moving targets simultaneously – making Sentry X one of the world’s leading close proximity collision mitigation solutions.

PreView Sentry®X Radar System Features & Benefits  

  • Designed to suit specific rear detection applications where a narrower radar beam is required to prevent the detection of the inner rear wheels of a haul truck
  • Azimuth field of view: ±55° (110° horizontal)
  • Programmable Detection Range: 0 – 30m (0 – 98′)
  • Programmable Detection Width: 0 – 60m (0 – 197′)
  • Built tough with 50G shock, 25G vibration and IP69K for extreme mining conditions
  • 24Ghz frequency with configurable detection pattern
  • Utilises standard J1939 CAN communication protocols

PreView Sentry®X Radar System Specifications  

PreView Sentry®X Radar System Specifications Flyer (PDF)  


Applications: Heavy-duty object detection for Haul Trucks, Dump Trucks

Width: 4.90" (124 mm), Height: 4.06" (103 mm), Depth: 1.28" (32.5 mm)