Vision X Cube AC Pit Master 160 / 320 LED

Vision X Cube AC Pit Master 160 / 320 LED

Brand: Vision X
Origin: USA

Available in 160 LED and 320 LED configurations, these AC light fixtures by Vision X utilise the powerful Cube LED technology, which offers a large surface area that provides a higher per watt output (117 lumens per watt) compared to standard diodes.

Vision X is able to provide professional solutions due to the effectiveness of Cube LED technology, which differ from standard diodes primarily in size and output per watt.  A Cube LED has a larger surface area, allowing more light to be emitted per individual watt.  Additionally, having a larger surface gives the LED a much wider beam pattern, allowing more lux to illuminate a more wide-spread area.

The Cube LEDs in the Vision X AC Pit Master output an impressive 117 Lu per watt in an equally impressive 180° of spread, making them ideal for industrial and structural lighting applications.

High Temp Glass

The optional High-Temp Glass lens helps protect the LEDs as well as internal components from extreme heat. Vision X recommends High-Temp Glass for applications that require intense heat.

Features and Benefits

  • 180° Smooth Beam
  • High efficacy Cube LEDs
  • Available with High-Temp Glass lens option (HTG)
  • Integrated ETM (Electronic Thermal Management)
  • Die-Cast Aluminium Housing
  • Power supply packages available

Vision X Cube LED Pitmaster Specifications

Voltage110-277V AC
eLumens18,720 Lu
37,440 Lu
Amps6.45A @ 12V
IP Rating IP68
Warranty5 years
Weight16 lbs (7.3kg) CPM160PE
27 lbs (12.0kg) CPM320PE
Dimensions11.8x7.7x5” (298.5x195.5x127.5mm) CPM160PE
14.3x11.7x7” (363x297x179mm) CPM320PE

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