Vision X Duralux LED Worklight

Vision X Duralux LED Worklight

Brand: Vision X
Origin: USA

The compact DURA400 has an industrial grade, die-cast aluminum housing. The DURA400 possesses an ingress rating of IP69K making it resistant to dust and submersible to up to 10’ of water. With a simple one bolt mounting system and two wire installation the DURA400 is easy to install with plenty of strength boasting a resilient 8.6Grms vibration rating.

Universal Automotive Lighting

The Duralux Automotive Series was designed with vehicles in mind. The sleek and compact housing coupled with four 5 WATT LEDs makes it the perfect light for any automotive application. From fog lights to roof rack and reverse lighting the Duralux Automotive Series combines usability with afford-ability to create the ultimate lighting solution for any vehicle. The Duralux Automotive Series lights comes standard with a single bolt mounting bracket, wiring harness, and lifetime warranty.

Simple Mounting and Optic Options

The shape, construction, and mounting location of the Duralux Automotive Series means it can be placed almost anywhere and its diverse selection of beam patterns mean it can light up any location as a spot or a flood light.

Two Light Kit Available

The Duralux Automotive Series are available as a Two Light Kit that includes two lights, a dual wiring harness for easy electrical setup, and an installation guide to help you get your lights hooked up. The Two Light Kit adds an additional 2,112 raw lumens to your build, bringing the total output to 4,224 raw lumens of light saturation between the two lights. Vision X also offers mounting kits for various different applications to fit your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • 20-Watt High Performance Universal LED Light
  • Reduced Power Draw Can Lead to Fuel Savings
  • 100-Watt Halogen Comparable Fixture



Vision X Duralux 4 LED Worklight Specifications

Beam10° Narrow, 40° Wide, 60° Extra-wide
eLumens1,480 eLu (DURA-410),
2,960 eLu (DURA-410KIT),
1,480 eLu (DURA-440),
1,480 eLu (DURA-460)
rLumens2,112 rLu (DURA-410),
4,224 rLu (DURA-410KIT),
2,112 rLu (DURA-440),
2,112 rLu (DURA-460)
Voltage11-65V DC
Amps (24V)1.6A @ 12V DC (DURA-410),
3.3A @ 12V DC(DURA-410KIT),
1.6A @ 12V DC (DURA-440),
1.6A @ 12V DC (DURA-460)
Watts20W (DURA-410),
40W (DURA-410KIT),
20W (DURA-440),
20W (DURA-460)
IP RatingIP69K
Vibration Rating8.6 Grms
HousingBlack, Die-cast Aluminium Housing
ConnectorWeatherproof Deutsch Connector
Weight0.68 kg (1.50 lb)
Warranty3 Years / Ext.


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