Vision X DURA Mini M4M

Vision X DURA Mini M4M

Brand: Vision X
Origin: USA

The Duralux Mini M4M is a powerful answer to a small driving/fog light. The sleek and compact 2.75” housing coupled with four 5 Watt LEDs pushes 2,115 lumens of light, making it one of the brightest lights in it’s class. Featuring a combination beam with 10° and 25° optics, the Duralux Mini M4M provides powerful center lighting, with a smooth flood illumination. This efficient light only draws 1.67A, making it an ideal option for ATV/UTV applications where low power consumption is important.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultimate Compact Fixture for Universal Applications
  • 60° Beam Flood Pattern
  • Very Low Amp Draw

Vision X Duralux Mini M4M Specifications

rLumens2,115 lm
eLumens1,480 lm
Amp Draw1.66A

Specification Sheets

Width: 2.75" (69.85 mm), Height: 3.62" (91.95 mm), Depth: 1.94" (49.28 mm)