Vision X Allmand Light Tower Upgrade

Worker safety is of the utmost importance. When it comes to working at night, having the worksite properly illuminated helps keep workers safe.

One of the most common forms of illuminating worksites is through tower lighting. Tower lighting provides temporary lighting on constructions, mining, ports, parking lots, tunnels, and many more worksites. But running older fixtures can produce less light and be very costly. With this in mind, Vision X developed its Allmand Light Tower Upgrade.

The Allmand Light Tower Upgrade is a direct bolt-on factory replacement. With 8 panels that can be easily positioned, you can make sure you have light exactly where it is needed.  IP68 / IP69K rating, as well as ISO 9227, makes this fixture perfect for use even in hard conditions. With only 100W consumption per panel compared to 625W consumption per panel on old fixtures, these lights result in massive fuel savings and outstanding light output.

Make sure your workers have proper illumination to work at night with the Vision X Allmand Light Tower Upgrade.

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